Wednesday, 17 June 2015 05:07

Judo to a range of people with all different types of DISABILITIES

They may be visually impaired, mentally disabled or unable to walk unaided, but put them on the judo mat and you'll never pick the difference.

Special Needs (SN) judo, or G-judo, is giving those not usually able to participate in sports a chance to mix it with the best.

By starting athletes in standing, kneeling or lying down positions, SN judo allows competitors of all shapes, sizes and abilities to compete.

Elizabeth Special Needs Judo sensei Paul Reeves holds twice weekly classes for students with varying levels of disabilities.

The types of member disabilities includes, but is not limited to, visual impairment, aspergers, cerebral palsy, muscular weakness and palsies, autism spectrum disorder, ADD, ADHD, Downs Syndrome, learning and cognition disorders.